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April 11, 2013



Huh. I never thought of that. (And this is now the lamest comment in the history of comments. But, you know? I never thought of that. It's sort of wild.)


Jody, me either. I assumed two weeks and it would be gone. I now look for it on other people. I don't see it. B doesn't have it. I assume it's because I never took it off and gained and lost weight, etc. It's also only on the front. No back, no sides.


Lisa: I think all of this could be the book you wanted to write. This is compelling. Start writing.


Maybe I'd have a mark too. I took mine off and the back of the finger is indented, not the front, though (the opposite of you). I agree with Vidalia that it is compelling and maybe you should write about it.

I really liked the post when I read it on my phone the day you posted. I'm glad I came to check the comments (more to check than to add my own, not that I had the same reaction as Jody, I didn't, I kind of knew what the post was about when I read the title.

As for a recent tweet of yours, are you upset about some of the things you can't find? I'm very possessive of stuff (I definitely got issues, not really hoarding, but, whatever) and I think that something like that would make me upset.

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