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August 26, 2012



awwww! gorgeous photo and... again, Mal looks SO MUCH like Noelle, it's almost scary! ;)

thanks for sharing, as always.

P.S. your happiness irradiates through the photo and is very contagious!


love love love this. so wonderful for all of you!


I love this.


The openness with my Younger Daughter's birth mother has been just as wonderful. I am a huge proponent of open adoption if the birth mother wants it. We only found Y.D.'s birth mother last year, but having them have a relationship has been life changing.
Your photo is beautiful and this is a really great post. Big hugs.


I love everything about this post. All three of you look amazing -- gorgeous and happy. Good job, mamas. :)


I wish my daughter had a mother like you. It's something I accept now that she isn't and wasn't. Hope you are doing great in your new place and new adventures ahead.


KimKim, I miss you! So good to see you here. I hope you and your lovely girl are doing well.

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