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August 11, 2012



I wish all the best for Rory in her college experience and I'm sure that Mal will LOVE her study abroad experiences too.

Thanks for keeping us updated and congrats on the healthy eating & weight loss, you go Lisa & Bert!!

Jen Anderson

I did study abroad and my best tip is to use Skype. I'm still hearing about the $400 phone bill 20 years later, even though I told my parents to pay it with my money.

Skyping will also help with the homesickness that makes living in a new country difficult. She should get roommates if possible, since that will also help with loneliness. I lived in Paris in maid's quarters with a spoiled brat who I never hung out with, and I was miserable and lonely. My friends with roommates who they liked (or selected before going) had a much better experience.

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