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April 15, 2012



Yeah, I'm with Mallory.

But I can out-Jehovah you on 30 minutes daily of moderate-to-vigorous exercise ANY time.

Throw-down time? :-)

Lisa V

Jody, that's my next frontier. I really want to get where I average 10,000 steps a day. After I conquer that, I'd like to do strength training of some sort twice a week (I've read some stuff on how strength training does a lot for the brain in terms of preventing dementia). Then, I'm going for either an Oscar, Nobel prize or get my picture on TMZ.

Julia Roberts

You're all kinds of awesome. Good for you!

Leslie M-B

You're an inspiration!


All I can say is AMEN! I'm 13 months into no sugars, I've lost 50+ pounds, my seasonal allergies and cramps are a shadow what they were. I can sit right next to cake and doughnuts with no qualms because I feel *so good.*

I had my first cheat meal about a month ago. The first few bites were fun but in the end I felt icky and bloated for the next day. Wasn't worth it. I'm not likely to indulge in much cheating again soon.

Thanks for knocking!

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