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March 20, 2012



This sounds a lot like what happened to my friend Jo (do you read her? Former Leery Polyp, now The Modernity Ward) over the past 2+ years... she eats mostly protein and fruit + vegetables (and fat too) and she feels wonderful and lost lots of weight.

(sorry for not using the html to make the rest of the comment look pretty, I'm lazy right now). Jo wrote a post with a ton of photos recently: http://sassmouth.typepad.com/sassmouth/2012/01/the-body-eclectic.html
actually, there's this one too, about her pancake boobs ;): http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/page/2/

(and after that, a defiant sounding post with tons of info: http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/2012/03/in-which-i-am-totally-insufferable-about-food-for-kind-of-a-long-time.html)

And it's also more or less what Heather (Dooce) is doing, right?

Lisa V

Thanks for the links, Lillian.

I'd say the main difference between Paleo (Dooce) and Atkins - closer to where Jo started, is that I eat a lot less fat and a lot more fruit. I actually don't really like most meat all that much, but have realized I'm more satiated when I eat it. I like chicken and fish and feel much fuller eating them.

I do read things from lots of diets (Paleo, Atkins, Sugar Busters) that make me think sugar is really my problem. I actually don't want it all because then I'm scared it would be a slippery slope to just going "screw it, put on the eating clothes and get me a bag of oreos and a coke." I like feeling in control.

My next task is figuring out how to get my family eating the same way, or at least closer.


After 15 years of vegetarianism, I just added meat back, too, and I'm finding the same thing - more energy, eating less, dropping weight. And after years of struggling with my cholesterol, it dropped right back into my pre-vegetarian normal levels. I'm not eating much meat, either, because I'm still not that crazy about it, and the Paleo diet makes me stabby from an environmental standpoint. I also still have two vegetarians living in my house, and Paul lost a ton of weight and dealt with high cholesterol eating as a vegetarian, so I think my take home lesson was to eat the way that works for you personally.

Lisa V

Christine, I totally agree about the what works for you. I am trying to influence my kids to eat very few simple carbs. I'm convinced they really are the path to disease.

I find myself being a little bit of a zealot because I can't believe how well this is working and how good I feel. Today had a box of Krispy Kremes 4 feet from me all day long. Didn't care. Also went to happy hour tonight where someone else ordered homemade potato chips (they're great, have had them in the past) but I wasn't even tempted. Happily ate my salmon sate with mango.

I think there are some lessons in this even for a vegetarian, like up the protien- no matter what kind and you make see some positive results.


You're inspiring me on the breakfast thing, though. I never eat breakfast; I know it's bad. But I love poached eggs and they take minutes. If I can take the time to make coffee, I can poach an egg.

Lisa V

Christine, you can even fry one in a non-stick pan without butter. You add a little pepper, it's even faster than poaching and the calories are the same. That, a glass of juice and a latte keep me full until 1:00.


I did the poached egg this morning with a small slice of melon and I do feel much better. Usually by now my stomach is all rumbly and unhappy and I haven't actually thought about food at all this morning. That said, we have to eat early because we have Max's party this afternoon and we're going to have to leave soon. But, thanks for the tip - really great ideas.

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