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January 26, 2012



I'm working on setting up an adoption club (really support group) for Madison and a couple of her friends and I think the first session, when we're still getting to know each other and getting comfortable with each other, we'll talk about adoption stereotypes in the media and how we feel about them. This sounds a lot like Tangled's adoption story only she wasn't adopted; she was kidnapped. But the "real mom" talk it inspired was all adoption stuff.

Jen Anderson

I see your point. But since I'm coming into adoption through the foster system, I tend to focus on how harmful the show could be for a kid with new parents trying to adjust to the situation.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on Coraline, as well as the TV shows you mentioned. Once we started the process, my husband and I saw the whole "Other Mother" thing in a new light.

Lisa V

Jen, as far as the the portrayal of the the foster system on the show, it does show the negative side, I agree. BUT, I happen to know three different girls between 18 and 23 (met them working at a woman's shelter) who had very similar experiences to what the character Emma is supposed to have experienced in foster care. Is that ALL foster care? No, not at all, but it's not a fairy tale.

The goal of the foster system is reunification, so I had no problem with the "Hansel and Gretel" reuniting with their father rather than going into foster care.

I know some really, really fabulous foster families and read their struggles, hopes and dreams. All of them wish the children they care of and love could be reunited in a stable home. None of them want their kids in the system. I am so grateful that since they are in the system, there are wonderful foster families to help them out.


Finally a show where adoption isn't all rainbows and unicorns.

I've been subjected to enough shows painting adoptees as crazy, stalker, killers and our mothers as prostitutes and drug addicts.


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