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January 20, 2012



I wanted to talk about the future projections (I thought the political changes were asserted but not shown) in Visit from the Goon Squad, but I haven't run into anyone who's read it yet.

Blergh. I'm so uninspired, and my weekend is going to be so busy. Today is my one day off, it's already mid-morning, and I've accomplished NOTHING. Blergh.


I knew I recognized that name; In the Lake of the Woods was one of most disturbing books I've ever read.

A Safeway in Arizona discussion could get pretty feisty. I just finished Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which I liked, but I don't know that you could do a book club around it.


hmm... I barely have time to read, so I don't think I can give any suggestions.

P.S. I liked your typo up there (and I know it's really impolite/bad form to point it out, but I couldn't resist)... I suppose that books about illicit activities would probably elicit lots of fun discussions. ;)

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