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January 13, 2012



I miss that cocktail party feeling -- I liked it when it seemed like there was a circle of bloggers who all kept in touch and read each other's blogs. But on the other hand, many of the bloggers I talked to back in those days have become real life friends. The biggest problem with the transition from blogging circle to real life friends is that everyone lives way too far away from me.

Lisa V

I miss it too, jo(e). Many of those people have migrated over to my Twitter feed or as friends. I keep up with them now through email or Facebook. But I miss the discussions we all used to have.

And we all live too far apart...


Yeah, we definitely live too far apart.

I didn't migrate to Twitter, and continue to resist, and I'm married to an introvert who worries you're all psycho killers to justify being shy (which makes get-togethers will traveling with the family difficult, and I don't travel any other way -- yet), so I felt the loss of community pretty dramatically. But it does feel like an artifact or function of a different time in my life, and a little hard to replicate.

You think my blog is interesting? I took a close-up of the eye of the smoked trout we had for dinner, and seriously considered blogging that. Then I thought of all the vegetarians in my feed and took pity on them. But thanks for the kind words. I'm blushing.

(Two weeks down! Wait -- what's the policy for holidays?)


I'm so glad to hear your voice again!
I miss the old world, too. I guess we've all changed, but it was nice....
and Sherman Alexie is one of my favorite writers (I don't do twitter---I have to draw the line somewhere.)


The fact that you and Jody are blogging again is bringing back the "cocktail party" feeling big time! at least for me.

Well, Jo(e), if there's someone for which the party never ended and has just continued over the year (of course with fewer people), it's you. And it was just so lively and great that many of us took it up a notch in by meeting you in person -- you're right, too bad we all live so far from each other! :(

(and I agree that Laura @11D has a really interesting blog with a nice group of followers that always comment and discuss amongst themselves in the comment section)

Last, but not least, hey, Jody, I wouldn't have minded the trout eye one bit! But then, again, I still eat fish once in a long while and my vegetarianism is for health reasons, not animal rights (though that part is nice and all).

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