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January 24, 2012



I don't get regular TV but we watch some on Hulu. I am never happier about not having a blog but when I see something stupid about adoption on TV (Modern Family, too) and I remember that I don't have to say something intelligent through my rage about it because I don't have a blog. I have not watched Parenthood AT ALL (ever) because of the whole don't get that channel thing but also (it's on Netflix now) because of what Jenna's written about it. I guess Once Upon a Time would have to do adoption being fairy tales and all because adoption is such a HUGE theme in fairy tales. And I guess it makes sense it'd be culturally insensitive because oh lord, the fairy tales themselves sure are.

Lisa V

I actually like how Once Upon a Time portrays adoption. The first mom is the hero, Dawn! Yay!

And Parenthood, if Parenthood just had a social worker to call them on the stupid shit that say, I'd be a happy girl.

And Modern Family? I'm hoping it was just a stupid episode. A blip. But I doubt it.


Ye gods, 'Once Upon a Time' drives me CRAZY with the adoption treatment - so much so that I've had to cut myself off from it. But then I'm speaking from the point of someone who was adopted.

Jen Anderson

Once Upon a Time does an abysmal job portraying adoption. The adoptive mom is literally evil and the birth mom bashed the entire foster system this week. I'm still watching, but we're adopting from the foster system and when we get a kid, we're not going to let them watch the show.

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