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December 11, 2009



Happy birthday to the two Vindauga women celebrating birthdays today. At some point, the statute of limitations will run out and I will actually have to give you a birthday gift Lisa. I love you both and hope you have a wonderful day today. This has been an incredible 18 years, filled with much love and happiness to get through the sadness and the pain. Through it all, I am so happy to have been able to share these years and this beautiful girl with you. You have been so generous and supportive and this has been the most amazing journey of my life.

We are so excited to have her coming out soon. The girls are telling everyone!! To have her on Christmas day is something I never, ever imagined. Makes me wish we actually do things to celebrate the day. We will come up with something.

I love you Lisa! Happy, Happy day to you.


I've learned so much about open adoption from your blog posts.

Happy birthday to both of you!


Wow, fabulous birthday post. Congrats on 18 wonderful years as a parent. I love how you expressed thankfulness for all of Mallory's parents. I feel the same way about my kids and their birth families.

Have a great birthday.


Just Beautiful. Happy birthday to you both!!


Lisa and Noelle,
You make me want to cry. You have made me proud to know you both. You have shown such love for Mallory through this process and always put her needs first. You are an inspiration to all whose lives have been touched by adoption.


If all adoptive mothers were like you the world would be a better place. Credit goes of course to Noelle too. Congratulations to both mothers for this milestone birthday.

Lisa V

Kim, that totally made me cry coming from you. I so appreciate it. I know you know the other side all too well. Truly, thank you for your very kind words.


I know this is late. . . Sorry...

Mallory has grown from a baby I took on errands in my Miata to a young woman I regard as a friend/relative/friend. She's thoughtful, smart, and rebellious (which I adore and admire). But more importantly, she's compassionate and kind and gentle. I envy her awareness and relationship with of her first (birth) mother; I wish McKenzie had that kind of connection to her first family. Like Mallory, adoption has made her who she's meant to be. McKenzie is insightful, emotional, analytical, and living with pain that I will never know. Understanding that is the hardest part of being an adoptive mom.


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