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August 25, 2009



That sounds perfect!


Mallory is unbelievably blessed to have a mom who truly cares about what is best for her. I am thankful that you have always been so good to Noelle and allowed the relationship to grow.


It does, though I imagine it's still hard. I'm glad you were able to work this out.




I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out!


That sounds lovely. We always fly on Christmas Day when we have our years in Minnesota, and we have not had weather problems yet.

Of course, now, we will. ;-)


It does... and yet the thought of your oldest being away on Christmas Day at all must feel a little bittersweet, regardless of where she's going. But maybe not (?) Regardless, you are such a good mother and Mallory is a lucky daughter for having you both.

Lisa V

Cynthia, it's a little heartbreaking, as it will be I'm sure any time in the future when we aren't with a kid for a holiday. This is just the first one, so it's the adjustment.

It feels selfish and weird to feel any kind of sadness though. Noelle has given me 17 Christmases with this girl. This seems like nothing to give up in comparison to that.


It sounds like the best of both worlds. One of these years, we may be in a similar situation. Once again, you're a trailblazer.


I don't think the feelings are selfish- I agree that not letting her go would be, but its ok to feel however you want about it at different times, dontcha think?


Will there be a blog entry about this event and the changes for you and different understandings since the last visit as M approaches end of high school? I'm curious about how things are changing and shaping for everyone . . . . how Noelle and her family have changed and been shaped by the visits, etc.

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