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June 06, 2008



As long as no one feels shafted or like you are shutting them out (or them shutting you out), then it seems to me like it works for everyone. Life always gets in the way with so many relationships. Its not perfect, but then what in life really is?
Their physical resemblance is really remarkable. They are both so beautiful!

Lisa V

No, no one is being shafted or shut out. I think it's just hard to create the same intitmacy we've had with less frequent contact.

I think what I was trying to say in the entire post was "We all miss each other, but it's no one's fault. And it makes us all a little sad I think. "


You're still totally my role model because you take good care of each other and you roll with the punches. Life just keeps on going and your flexibility is inspiring to me. And how pretty are they? And totally twinsies!!!


first of all, wow. i'm sorry, but does mallory actually have any of her birth father's genes? what an amazingly gorgeous pair of women.
i think what you're writing about is just so typical of keeping in touch with extended family in general, especially where there's distance. so that seems as healthy and right as it can be. sad sometimes for the limitations of life, but reality.

standing still

A very good friend who is the grandmother of two children of open adoption reminds me that we always have more love to give. Time, ah time, there is not so much ... distance makes that hard. But, love. That is infinite.


This brings up so many feelings. I partly envy you and everyone involved and partly think how impossible society would have made it to do something similar when I was the young adoptee. They are both gorgeous, that I do know.


They are both beautiful, Lisa.

I'd be thrilled if my kids could have the relationship with their families that Mallory and Noelle share. It is precious, and you are wonderful to share it with us. Thanks so much.


Loved the photo. I see the delight between your daughter and Noelle, and the physical similarity is uncanny. It is the same for my son and his birth father.

My son is going with his dad to an 8th-grade/14th b-day guy trip to Vegas this weekend. They will also spend Father's Day with my son's birth father and his family. It will be the first time my son has seen his birth father in almost 5 years. He has been asking to see him for two years, but BF lives in another state. So, we are making it happen.

Wish us luck. I am a little worried that the BF may cancel at the last minute (he has 3 small children and one more on the way). Real life can get in the way of reunions and connections, as you wrote about so well.


This is absolutely beautiful, the post, the photo, your [plural] story! Thanks for sharing, once more. I think Dawn is totally right to have you as a role model!


Your fearlessness inspires me. I'm fairly new to the world of open adoption, but know that not being afraid is paramount. If I can be courageous when I need to be, then I can be calm the rest of the time. If that makes any sense.

JennaM (40), Amom to Nate (2.5), whose Bmom is my little sis (28)...

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