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April 06, 2008



Beautiful. What I love about this is how utterly "normal" (don't like the word, but it's the only one that comes to mind to convey what I'm thinking) it is for Mason and your family to have this relationship with his father. Everyday, not something to be feared. Does that make any sense?

Thanks for telling us about it.


Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Yeah for noisy toys that go home with other kids.

I think your attitude will serve your children well throughout their lives.


Sounds really nice and pretty ideal in how it worked out at grandma's house. What I like about you is how straightforward you are, and I think that serves your family really well.


I love you, Lisa V.


I'm so glad it went well.

I've learned so much from reading about how you handle these things -- you're amazing.


You are the coolest, truly.


I love the last paragraph of this post. So honest, so real, and so very true.

I'm glad I found your blog :)

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