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November 28, 2007


mrs b

So good to hear your story, and to know adoption worked out well for both of you

mrs b


Damn, I love that kid!!


Mal, you are so grounded, so mature, so expressive, so WONDERFUL! Both Noelle and Mom must be incredibly proud. I'm proud, and hell-I don't even know you! Blessings on your beautiful head, my dear.


This was so moving. Thanks to Mal for sharing it and being so open and thoughtful.

Mrs. G.

Uh, could you hand me a tissue? What an articulate, sweet kid.


Oy. Mal, you brought tears to my eyes. I can only hope my daughter will be so articulate and brave at such a young age. Thanks!


Thanks a lot, Mal-
Its really helpful for me to hear all of that- the fears and the reality- and yeah, you rock. Both of your mothers are supremely lucky and (also) clearly awesome in their own respect. You guys have one cool family.

Her Grace

Well said, Mal. Well said.

Round is Funny

I'm just a teary mess right now. I hope my own son will be so lucky.


What an amazing post. And it nicely articulates the simplicity/complexity paradox that's inherent in adoption. Wow.


Mal, you rock. I hope my son is your age he can be as insightful and bravely honest as you were here. Thank you for sharing this with us.


Lisa always blows me away with the way in which she cuts to the center of situations involving people. And clearly, Mal has inherited this gift, too.


Mal, you are wicked smart, and cool. Thanks for writing.


Mal, you're amazingly articulate and I'm delighted to hear that this trip was so positive! The parts that I were very "enlightening" to me: when you wrote that you "didn't once worry about a sudden displacement of family or familiarity" and when you said that the "what-if" went away and how you realized the importance of the adoption in your own and Noelle's life. Wow.

And again I feel thankful because of internet and blogs and that I can learn so much, particularly about adoption. Thanks for sharing Mal's take on her trip, Lisa. I'm glad Cynthia asked! :)


Hey, I like that comment of mine, very articulate! hahahahaha!...

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