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June 27, 2007



I can't wait to hear how it goes. I think this is a wonderful example of how an open adoption can work out.

Round is Funny

I'm crying, thinking about this. This, to me, seems like the point of open adoption - long-term relationships where no one feels threatened and everyone feels loved. And Pop Tarts for breakfast. I hope they have a great visit, and I hope it feels just as good for you and Bert.


I'm sure it will be a great visit. Even if it does bring up certain "issues", they sound like issues you are all wise enough and capable enough to address head-on. Have a great time Mal!

Her Grace

I am often overwhelmed at what a thoughtful and sensitive mom you are, and posts like this highlight that. I hope that, during this vacation, you all find that your fears are unfounded.


I'm reading this with a knot in my stomach. I can sense everyone's anticipation. Amazing how something as mundane as a summer vacation visit can become laden with layers of complexity. But on the simplest level, it sounds lovely. And I hope Mal has a fabulous time. Poptarts for breakfast....fun!


Ahh, I so appreciate my role model taking all of these steps so I can benefit from her insight later on down the line! ;)


You just put it all so well.

Thanks for this. It helps me as I try and figure out my own way down the open adoption path.

We are letting our kids spend a weekend with their birth grandma and that has been almost OVer thought out.

Lisa V

You are all too kind. I must sound more together than I am.


Dude, WE GOT CABLE!! Of course it was explained to me as a necessity so I could get rid of a dial up connection to the internet.

Each of us are excited to have Mal come out here. I wish we loved the area enough to want to show her things. On top of that, we are too cheap to pay 12 bucks to go see a dead president's house.

I look forward to talks on the deck and in my head they are brilliant where we all but figure out an end to the crisis in the middle east. In reality, we will stare at each other and smile and wish we could say the gajillion things we are thinking. I look at her and I look at the two girls I have and then I look at the three other kids you have and really I love each and every one of them. I see Mal in Dari-doo more so than in Ana Banana, but Ana Banana is so much like Aubree. I love seeing the different paths our journey takes us on.

Lisa V

Shit! You have cable? My edge is gone. I'm hosed. Make sure she goes to college.

Yeah, I think she and Dari will have a special bond. Mal will probably be the person she calls when she is in jail. Aubree will intiate Ana into the world of real princesses, drag queens, for her 21st birthday or something.


Delurking to say that Mallory (when did she stop being Apple? I missed an era of posts, I think!) is lucky to have you both (Lisa & Noelle), and I know you both feel lucky to have her and each other. (Did that even make sense?) We (your readers) are lucky to have all of you in our virtual world.

Cheers all around -- you guys are special people.

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